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Organic King Coconut Water – A Naturally Refreshing Tropical Beverage

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Organic King Coconut Water – A Naturally Refreshing Tropical Beverage

Organic King Coconut Water – A Naturally Refreshing Tropical Beverage

King coconut water could easily be described as the king of natural tropical beverages for many reasons. It’s clean, healthy, medicinal and has almost the same levels of electrolytes as human blood, making it the perfect all-natural “isotonic” drink.

What is King Coconut?

It’s a uniquely Sri Lankan treasure! The King Coconut Tree (Cocos nucifera or Thambili in Sinhala) is a variety of coconut palm that is indigenous and endemic to Sri Lanka. Often shorter than regular coconut trees, the most common type of King Coconut is a lovely yellowy-amber colour, with the nuts having a relatively soft husk and shell that can be easily cut open to access the pure, clean and delicious water contained within. In fact, king coconut water is traditionally drunk directly from the nut itself.

King coconut water possesses a very unique and distinct flavour together with a characteristic fresh and clean fragrance. Along with this, it also contains a number of nutrients and minerals, which make it a uniquely refreshing drink from nature.

This natural tropical beverage has become so popular amongst Sri Lankans, and also the wider world, that the once wild growing king coconut palm is now cultivated at scale in large Sri Lankan coconut plantations. This has allowed the beverage to be grown, harvested and bottled at a large scale to fulfil the needs of the global market.

Why Wichy King Coconut Water?

Having a long history and tradition of coconut cultivation and a timeless commitment to natural, organic Sri Lankan coconut products, Wichy is a coconut water company that guarantees the King Coconut Water is 100% organic. Furthermore, we use only safe and sustainable growing practices, while engaging with our communities at the grassroot level to ensure ethical and responsible coconut production in Sri Lanka. That means that every sip of Wichy King Coconut Water you enjoy, helps Sri Lanka’s coconut farmers and plantation workers.

An Elixir of Life and Full of Health Benefits

King coconut water aids digestion and contains more magnesium and calcium than an orange, and more potassium than a banana. All of these are vital nutrients for health. It is also a good source of several micronutrients and is packed with antioxidants, and possesses anti-ageing benefits too.

While tasting sweet, king coconut water also has the demonstrated capability of helping to regulate blood sugar in those suffering from diabetes, by promoting insulin sensitivity, and has also been shown to help prevent kidney stones and promote cardiovascular health, thanks to the natural presence of L-arginine. These benefits have been demonstrated in scientific studies conducted on king coconut water.

The King of Hydration and Refreshment

Hydration is more than just about drinking water or fluids. It’s about consuming fluids with the right balance of electrolytes and nutrients. In fact, studies have demonstrated the superior capabilities of king coconut water in achieving the desired levels of hydration for high performing athletes. So effective is king coconut water that it has been used to treat dysentery, and for feeding infants, particularly during the horrors of World War II, even being substituted as an intravenous hydration and resuscitation fluid to help save the lives of those injured in the war.

With all of these benefits, together with being 100% organic and ethically grown and sourced, Wichy King Coconut Water is no doubt the king of delicious and refreshingly hydrating natural tropical beverage. The benefits of King Coconut water begin with the first sip, and can have a lasting impact on the quality of your life!

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