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Sisu Senehasa

Since 2014, with the establishment of the Sisu Senehasa Foundation, the Wichy Plantation Company has provided scholarships to hard-working children at risk of not being able to complete their education. The scholarship provides these deserving children with financial support from the sixth grade onwards, until they complete their university education. The Sisu Senehasa committee also takes a keen interest in each student’s progress, providing them with encouragement and emotional support throughout their journey.

Recipients hail from the Anuradhapura district and are carefully chosen. Many of the students have lost one or both parents or have parents unable to work due to a physical or mental illness. Like its name (sisu senehasa translates to ‘care for students’) suggests, the Sisu Senehasa Foundation aims to care for these underprivileged students and ensure they gain a firm educational foundation that will carry them through their adult life. 

At present, 100 students have received Sisu Senehasa scholarships and are continuing their education unabated. The foundation also supports other endeavours that ensure continued education for underprivileged children. For example, in 2017, the Wichy Plantation Company rebuilt a school in Bulathsinhala that had been severely damaged due to floods and even donated a fully equipped computer laboratory and library.