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About Us

Our story begins upon the rich soils of Sri Lanka, an island famed for its beaches lined with lean, luscious coconut trees. It is our Sri Lankan heritage that makes us a unique and authentic manufacturer of coconut-based products.

Over three decades ago we joined hands with trusted local coconut farmers who continue to remain the strength and bedrock of Wichy Plantation Company today. Coming from local communities who have harvested coconuts over many generations, they know best the tastes, flavours and healing properties of the fruit, and the uses of the coconut tree from the tip of the leaf blade right down to its roots.


Through them we source natural and organic fruits of the best quality. Every hand-picked coconut is chosen with care. Each fruit is picked at the perfect point of maturity by our farmers experienced in local coconut harvesting traditions. It is their skill and spirit we hope to carry through our products, placing in your hands the passion and perfection of a trusted Sri Lankan community.

Through processing, packaging, and delivering our unique products, we hope to give back to the families who work with us, supporting their livelihoods and enriching their lives.


Over the years, we have developed the art of mixing local flavours and traditional food practices with contemporary ingredients and health requirements, adding a distinct and authentic twist to the products we deliver. What makes WICHY even more relevant and essential to you today, is our emphasis on health and wellness. Our products are 100% organic, natural and rich in nutrients and are available as vegan and gluten-free alternatives.

Our commitment to quality has earned us a prestigious global clientele spread out through the UK, USA, Canada, Jamaica, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Spain and Argentina.

With every WICHY product you purchase, you choose to treat your taste buds, boost your health and support our local communities.


To promote overall health and wellness by offering our customers organic and natural coconut-based food products that are both delicious and nourishing


We bridge the gap between local coconut farmers and end-consumers, through value added coconut-based products that enrich customers and empower local communities


Age-old familiarity and skill combined with cutting-edge technologies have allowed us to develop industry excellence



We value ethical business practices, expert production processes, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, health and wellbeing


A leader in producing affordable products of superior quality while following ethical business practices and supporting customers to make healthier and wholesome food choices


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Our Certifications

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USDA – NOP (National Organic Program) CERTIFICATE

This certification is issued for farming and processing in accordance with the USDA NOP standards.

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This certification is issued for processing and manufacturing organically. The certification enables your organic products to be commercialised within the European Union

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This certifies that food or the premises in which food is prepared, sold or eaten satisfies the requirements of Jewish law.

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A UK based food safety management system, this certificate covers quality, hygiene and food safety.

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Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard

This certificate is issued to producers and processors in accordance with the Japanese Agricultural Standard.

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Fair Trade standard initiated in Germany and afterwards Fair TSA Standard initiated USA. This standard addresses the social wellbeing of producers and processors.

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Halal is a religious standard which certifies products are fully or partially manufactured, processed or packed according to Islamic food law.

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Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Point.

A management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards, from raw material production to finished product.

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ISO 22000

An internationally recognised food safety management system that combines ISO 9001 and HACCP principles.

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Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

This certificate is a social auditing methodology enabling businesses to assess their sites and suppliers to understand working conditions in their supply chain.

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