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Our Process

Our Process

A promise to retain the delicious and wholesome properties of WICHY coconuts from the point of sourcing to delivering, from our hands to yours.

Farming and harvesting

Wichy Plantation Company ensures to source its products from trusted, organic coconut farms. These farms are owned by local coconut farmers who have engaged in traditional farming and harvesting practices handed down over generations and have been our trusted partners for over three decades.

Preparation and production

Nutritional elements of coconut-based products rely on the delicate process of preparation and production including processing, packaging and delivery. From the moment of plucking and collecting of our carefully selected coconuts, to transporting it to our plants, we guarantee the coconuts are in the safest hands and handled with the best care.

Facilities and food standards

Wichy Plantation Company is proud to be certified HACCP, BRC and ISO 22000, the USDA National Organic Program, Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard and the Organic EU Certification, as well as social standards like SMETA and religious standards like Kosher and Halal.


Beyond production, WICHY ensures that our food items are delivered to our customers with both care and caution. Be it shipping via modern trade, foodservice, retail or online retail, we guarantee that each product is bottled, packaged and transported securely.

WICHY is fully geared to be your most trusted partner and supplier for coconut-based products from Sri Lanka, meeting your specific commercial requirements through a personalised service.

Safety during COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, WICHY has taken all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our workers and our processes, ensuring we continue to provide delicious and nutritious coconut based organic foods to our consumers across the globe. As such we have put in place a robust operational plan in keeping with state and global guidelines. These include regular fumigation of the factory and offices as well as all vehicles before they are allowed to enter the premises, more frequent sanitising of common areas and common touch surfaces, continuous temperature checks on all staff, maintenance of social distancing, organising shifts and breaks to ensure minimal contact between workers, provision of high quality masks and sanitisers, handwashing, etc. COVID-19 education programmes were also conducted for families of our workers, ensuring safety beyond the doors of our premises.

Despite the disruptions of the lockdown, WICHY took the decision to safeguard all jobs, paying all employees their full salaries even when they were at home. Once restrictions had eased and operations could begin, employees who returned to work in the factory were paid a special risk allowance and provided safe transport so they did not have to rely on public transport. Meanwhile staff at the head office were allowed flexible work arrangements and all elderly and/or vulnerable employees were permitted to work from home on full pay. All staff are also provided immunity boosting health drinks during work while employees, their families and needy families in the vicinity of our various premises were provided dry rations during the full lockdown.