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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

WICHY brings to you a trusted and exciting array of food products and beverages that have exquisite taste, a variety of flavours and most importantly, essential nutrients that help you stay healthy. We create from coconut, one of nature’s most treasured and nutritious fruits, into organic, natural and healthy food options. We are inspired by the finest food customs of ancient Sri Lanka that focus on nutritive ingredients and mouth-watering flavours without artificial additives. Our goal is to bring you healthy foods that also have exceptional taste.

We source our coconuts from local farmers who have partnered with us over the years. Experienced in the local traditions of coconut farming and trusted by our communities, they grow and harvest coconuts ethically and organically, without the use of any chemical fertilisers. Our 100% natural products contain no added colour, artificial flavours, synthetic substances or other chemical additives, making them a healthy and wholesome choice.

We want to be a part of your holistic journey, catering to your unique health needs and dietary requirements. WICHY food and beverages are made without the use of animal products and are thus 100% vegan. Our food products are rich in plant-based nutrients and have less saturated fats than animal products. With gluten present in breads, cereals, and many other food items, we understand that maintaining a gluten free diet is challenging. Using coconut flour as the base instead of wheat allows WICHY products to be free of gluten, an element that can trigger intestinal conditions and other sensitivities.

WICHY is your perfect kitchen companion. We make easy, guilt-free baking possible, with the added promise that your baked treats are outrageously delicious. Our baking mixes are dairy-free products containing no allergens or added preservatives. The cocoa powder we use is gluten free, and WICHY replaces wheat flour with coconut flour, making our baked breads, brownies and muffins a tastier and healthier choice. You can now savour the delight of breads, muffins and brownies as well as candy, chocolate and other confectioneries, knowing they are made with healthy, natural, and organic WICHY products.