WICHY Products

WICHY brings to you a trusted and exciting array of food products and beverages that have exquisite taste, a variety of flavours, and most importantly, essential nutrients that help you stay healthy.

Cooking Ingredients

A broad assortment of cooking ingredients to prepare any number of delicious and nutritious dishes from a variety of cuisines.

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Baking Products

Baking, confectionery ingredients and unique baking mixes that are ultra nourishing and offer wholesome deliciousness in every bite.

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Tropical Beverages

Beat the heat and hydrate deliciously with our range of coconut waters, available plain or infused with natural tropical flavourings.

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New Cuisine & Spreads

Products that allow you to enjoy a diversity of Asian cuisines in all their glorious tastes and flavours.

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Wichy has years of experience and expertise in transforming the benefits of nature’s miracle product, coconuts, into a nutritious and delicious range of food and beverages. We are a leader in coconut oil production in Sri Lanka, in addition to offering a wide array high quality coconut based products ranging from baking ingredients to refreshing drinks both pure and infused.

Health & Wellness

Wichy is well known amongst the coconut water companies in Sri Lanka having over 30+ years’ experience in converting coconuts into refreshing drinks. We create from coconut, one of nature’s most treasured and nutritious fruits, organic, natural and healthy food options. We are inspired by the finest food customs of ancient Sri Lanka that focus on nutritive ingredients and mouth-watering flavours without artificial additives. Our goal is to bring you healthy foods that also have exceptional taste.

Our Commitment

The WICHY commitment is to our customers, planet, and community as a whole.
We pledge to follow sustainable business practices, with food quality and safety being our priority, while reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our planet. We support local farming communities; our success relies on their progress.

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