Organic Coconut Vinegar

Product Description

The word vinegar has been derived from the old french word “Vinaigre”, vin (wine) and aigre (sour). Wichy Coconut Vinegar is prepared using coconut water by alcoholic fermentation and acetous fermentation.

Wichy Organic Spiced Vinegar is processed under strict hygienic conditions using coconut water by alcoholic fermentation andacetous fermentation and added organically certified spice Mixture extracts to impart spice aroma and flavour.


Use as a natural preservative for pickling of vegetables and fruits, mix with salad, tenderizing of hard meat in cooking.

Product Characteristics

Total acidity

4% (min)

Total solid

1% (max)

Alkaline oxidation value

80 (min)r

Iodine value

160 (min)

Residual ethyl alcohol

1% (min)

Permanganate oxidation value

750 (min)



- 400 ml glass bottles.


- Brown liner 5 ply corrugated carton.

400 ml x 12 per carton

- 2736 (20 FCL)

Shelf Life/Storage

2 years in ambient temperature.

What We Offer

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