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Do you know some coconut secrets of Sri Lankan Cuisine? The basis of Sri Lankan Cuisine is rice, coconut & spices. Coconuts in the form of fresh chips, coconut milk or coconut oil is added to countless dishes. Coconuts in these various forms impart unique taste, aroma, and texture in each dish.
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Have you ever heard of the King Coconut? (cocos nucifera var. aurantiaca) is a variety of coconuts native to Sri Lanka where it is known as Thembili, which is sweeter than regular coconuts. King coconut water has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years due to its marvelous health and medicinal benefits.
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Old coconuts have grown up! Please click below to see Wichy’s most demanding new arrivals list.

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Wichy manufactures a range of coconut products including organic virgin coconut oil, Raw extra virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, creamed coconut, desiccated coconut, coconut flour, coconut chips,coconut syrup and coconut water based products. Click below for more information

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We manufacture both pasteurized and un-pasteurized frozen coconut water in bulk as well as drinking coconut water in retail packs. Click below for more information

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Its 100% vegan, heart friendly and health supporting. The original omega 3 sources for Wichy coconut products are Algae oil and flax seed oil.

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We have built our expertise on the legacy of the hundreds of farmers who have made Sri Lanka a world leader in coconut products.